Faux Fur Plush Cat Bed


Asking if cats like beds is like asking if people like ice cream!  You can choose between different sizes and colours.

If there's one thing cats know how to do it's sleep. One good reason to purchase a bed for your cat is to encourage them to mostly sleep in one place, which can prove beneficial for both of you. One of the big reasons why it’ll be helpful to you is all of that fur.

A calming pet bed claims to be able to calm anxious pets. These beds work in a couple of ways:
By using a material that is soothing to the touch.
By recreating a feeling of safety.
By using aromatherapy principles.

HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: The pet calming bed is made of durable luxurious faux fur. The interior is filled with super-soft environmentally friendly PP cotton. It has always provided soft support for the pet, which relieves the pet muscle and joint pain.

COMFORTABLE SLEEP: This donut cuddler bed has a circular design, surrounded by bulges around your cat, which is very suitable for pets who like to curl up. The round bed provides a full sense of security for your pet.

MULTI-FUNCTIONAL BOTTOM: The cat cushion bed has an anti-slip PVC dot fabric bottom. The anti-slip design at the bottom of the fluffy bed can provide better stability, and your cat can play and rest securely in the calming bed.

EASY TO CARE: The great thing about this bed is you can unzip it, makes washing by hand easier. You will regain a softer calming bed.

Notice: Leave it for a while after receiving your bed, it will return to shape after shaking.

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50cm, 60cm, 70cm, 80cm, 90cm, 100cm, 110cm, 120cm

Bed Colour

White, Khaki, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Light Coffee, Dark Coffee, Pink