Pocket Bite Dog Tug with 1 Handle


Tug of war can be a great way to exercise and bond with dogs of all ages.

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Bite Toy for Puppy Training

Training is no longer a chore when you turn it into a game! A tug toy is more than a toy; it's one of the most useful training instruments in your dog's toy box. A tug rope or other pull toy can be used to teach impulse control, biting inhibition, and orders such as "drop it."

The biting tug is suggested by veterinarians and expert dog trainers since it is created in compliance with the International Quality Standard for dog training supplies, as are all of our products.

This Bite Tug is fashioned out of genuine fire hose. The material used to make this dog strength training equipment is extremely durable.

A puppy cannot destroy this tug because of its structure (canvas and rubber or polymeric interior lining). The dog biting tug comes with a single nylon handle. It has hand stitched edges and is filled with dog-friendly dental and health fibers. Its length is 12 inches (30 cm), does not include the handle. Because of its stick-like shape, this tug can be used to retrieve an item.

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