Dog Tracking Leather Leash


Purchase this long leather dog leash for tracking and daily walking. It is stitched near the buckle to increase durability. Strong and reliable for large dogs.

Is your dog a service dog? Tracking, patrolling, and searching are all vital activities that necessitate the use of appropriate canine equipment. We have the best dog tracking leash to give you if you are looking for one. This Super Strong Leather Tracking Dog Leash will quickly become your favorite! It offers considerably more benefits than you realize.

A tracking leash's principal purpose is to allow dog trainers and owners to determine a dog's position when it is off-leash. They are frequently used in training exercises where the dog must be kept at a safe distance from the trainer, such as during tracking sessions. The longer length of the leash allows the dog more opportunity to explore while remaining under control.

Enjoy Reliability!

The beneficial features of this Dog leash are the following:

  1. It is a professional dog leash for tracking, patrolling, and search and rescue because of its length.
  2. It is constructed of 100% full grain real leather and thus extremely durable!It is constructed of 100% full grain real leather and thus extremely durable!
  3. It's also sewn at the buckle to make it more durable there.
  4. The snap hook is constructed of brass, which has a lovely gold hue and is rust and corrosion resistant.

How to take care of this leash?

  • The answer is simple! Never wash it with tap water or better do not wash it at all as the leather will lose its good look. Do not dry it on the radiator as it will crack. So, if you were suddenly caught by rain, it is better to give your leash to dry out itself.
  • If you want this leash to serve you and your dog long, treat it with water repellent and leather conditioner. They will remove unclean things and improve its look.

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Weight 0.345 kg

4m, 6m, 8m, 10m


Black, Brown


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