Dog Multifunctional Leather Lead


Most Multifunctional Leather Lead available on the market.

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The multifunctional leather lead is 155cm long and the most economical and effective approach to walk numerous dogs is to use a double dog lead or attach a coupler to a standard single lead to a multiple dog lead. This reduces the number of leads you'll have to hold with one hand. To minimize the possibility of a tangled mess during your dog walk, choose a dual dog lead that ensures no tangling of the leashes.

This lead can be used in a variety of ways to meet a variety of needs. Unlike typical leashes, which have a built-in grip, multi-function leashes contain clips at each end as well as two or more anchor points along the length of the lead. This design allows you to modify the lead in a variety of ways to suit your needs.

Key features of this Dog Lead:

  • Quality material
  • Handmade
  • 1.2" wide smooth waxed edges leather
  • Hand-stitched with wax coated thread
  • Rust-proof snap hook
  • Durable
  • Over 7 different activities with the same lead

This Multifunctional Leather Lead may be used in the following modes:

On your shoulder. Make a loop and attach the “free” snap hook to the floating ring. Wear the loop across your upper body and the other snap hook attach to the dog. Walk him comfortably.

1.2cm x 155cm long lead. Connect the snap hook to the O-ring sewed to the other end.

Tether your dog. Take the lead, wrap it on the object and attach the free snap hook to the floating ring.

Waist fixation. Warp your waist with the lead and attach the free snap hook to the floating ring.

Coupler. Just attach both snap hooks to the dogs and handle the lead in its middle.

On its full length. As it really is.

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